What teachers are saying:


"Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our students about your personal experiences during the Holocaust. I have taught students about this horrific part of our history for the past 13 years. It is utterly impossible to fully comprehend the magnitude and malfeasance of the Holocaust. 
Your presence and personal stories are extremely important for these students to hear. It is crucial that they put a face with the numbers told to realize we are talking about real people. Your courageously expressing what happened, along with your emotions, helps them to begin go understand."

                                            -Victoria Smith, Crossett Brook Middle School

"Thank you for coming in to speak with my students this afternoon. It meant a lot to them and me. I could see it in their faces. You are doing our community and society a great service by preserving their stories and sharing them with students. The beauty of History and why it should be taught was perfectly on display today. "
                                                                                                                                                                                             -Rob Dornfried, Stowe High School

"I am very excited to be partnering with the Vermont Holocaust Memorial. This is the first year that I will be teaching this course at our school, and I am both excited and very nervous. I am very pleased that you offer such wonderful resources."
- Sara Villeneuve, Fairfax High School

What students are saying:

"Thank you for the powerful experience and time that you gave us. You've shown us how important it is to have acceptance for all and freedom as well."     - Carly Y.


"We were studying the Holocaust and I knew it was ba, but when we came to the exhibit, I realized for the first time how bad it really was. Thank-you for talking to us."                                               - Christopher J.

"It was a really great learning experience. My dad's best friend's grandfather was killed in the Holocaust. I hope something like this never happens again because freedom is very important."    -Emma R.

"I have always ben interested in the Holocaust because it really makes me question and wonder how a person could think and act like that. Hearing you talk about how it affected you made me even more in awe of the things you were going through when you were my age. It also makes me much more thankful for everything I have in my live. For giving me this new perspective, I thank you."    -Tatiana H.


"My great grandfather was in the navy at the time of the war, and he fought in it, but tha was really teh only connection I ever held with it. Witout much information from anyone that had truly experienced the horror of the Holocaust I never had a good understanding. Becasue of you, I now have the details of someone's story, something most kid my age don't have. I really can't thank you enough for that."    - Emily B.                                                                                                                      

"Hearing your story has opened my eyes to the suffering that people really went through during the Holocaust. It's terrible that people were imprisoned for one aspect of themselves: their religion. It didn't matter what type of person they were, just that they had a set of believe that were different from other people's.  I'm Christian, and I don't know that many people apart from the people at my church that follow a religion. When I meet people and tell them what I believe, I think that they put me in a group in their head of what they think a Christian is like. You've taught me that you can't judge someone based on their religion or anything other."   - Anna A.                                                                                                                  

What the community is saying:

"Love your project. We are blessed with the love and passion to share the truth, stories and history of our family to teach the truth. Knowledge is power, sharing your stories and doing this with your friends who share a similar family history, and bringing it to schools in Vermont is brilliant, generous, purposeful, and ambitious. So grateful with admiration. Love inspiring each other. Your site is beautifully created. Please continue to share. Love to feed off each others ideas. "   -Genia T.

"The website is beautifully designed and very informative....and importantly, the presentations you have initiated are essential to teach children new skills to combat racism and intolerance, and build better communities.  Our parents' legacies continue...with resilience, purpose and kindness."   -Lis S.

"Thank you for taking on this important project.  It is mind boggling to learn that Holocaust study is not yet on the curriculum in Vermont schools.  In assuming this initiative you are also carrying on a legacy of sharing information that your mother and my father each had committed to.  This sharing is so vital to helping members of our communities learn from the past so those who would deny the Holocaust are challenged by the truth.   Many of us in the second generation have chosen to continue this legacy. "   -Dolf V.

"Wow, wow, wow!  Mazel Tov on the birth of this wonderful site and project! Kudos to you and your colleagues!  This is wonderful and SO important!  We were just talking about how important it is to keep this story alive!  We never want to forget!  I love the site!  I admire your perseverance in getting this off the ground and I am so proud! "   -Liz L.

"Every time I read these stories, I learn a little more and take one more thing away with me."    - Sandi S.